Dating Is Tough In Vietnam's Cupidworld

What Was The Worst Date You Ever Experienced?

We've all had nightmare dates... tell us about yours by writing in the box below. We'll add your comments to the page!

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The worst date I ever experienced was one where I allowed myself to become overwhelmed by the physical beauty of my date and tried to impress her instead of just being myself. Then again, it was right after my divorce and I was totally uncomfortable with the idea of dating at all.

I had been seeing this guy and I was starting to become quite attracted to him. I had a date with him on a Saturday night from vietnamcupid, so I prepared myself to look smashing and expected our relationship to go onto new romantic heights...

When I met him in the cafe, he wasn't very talkative and wasn't paying as much attention to me as usual. He asked what I wanted to do. I suggested a movie. He said ''No.''

Then he said he wanted me to invite him back to my place.

Now, I am reluctant to bring men back to my place because the situation can easily get out of my control. I declined. Frankly, I just wanted to go to a movie, hold hands and gaze into his beautiful eyes - not go to my place and have his hands all over my body. I thought it was much too early to engage in sex!

He simply left me! He said good-bye with a polite ''I have better things to do!'' and my big date was over in a couple hours. I was so disappointed I was almost crying. He laughed into my face when he saw my disappointment.